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Is Brexit best for Europe? Come to the Team Counter Summit in London the 11th of June. held November 7th 2015.

Extract from the TEAM EU COUNTER SUMMIT LONDON held 11th June 2016.

Linda Kaucher - Stop TTiP UK.

Brian Denny - Trade Unionists Against the EU (TUAEU).

Jan-Erik Gustafsson - Folkrörelsen Nej till EU, Sweden.

We have no respect for Goldman Sachs interference in the British referendum!

The U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs has donated ‘hundreds of thousands of pounds’ to the British campaign for staying in the European Union.
TEAM has no respect for Goldman Sachs or its interference with the British democracy.
Goldman Sachs has a big responsibility for the international financial crises and does not think about what is best for the average citizen.
Yes to a fair referendum!

Toyota will stay in the UK after Brexit!

Akio Toyoda has promised that Toyota's car production will remain in the UK after Brexit.
TEAM has great respect for this statement. It is important that the debate before the UK referendum will not become a frightening campaign.
Yes to a fair referendum in the UK!

UK ministers can campaign for no to the EU membership!

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed that British ministers can campaign for the UK leaving the EU.
TEAM has great respect for this decision and remembers that Sweden did the same before the Swedish euro referendum.
It is the only fair thing to do in a democracy.

The British people can win over the EU machinery!

Kathrine Kleveland, leader of the No to EU movement in Norway, has written an atricle about the Brexit.
TEAM agree with Kleveland. The British people can indeed win over the EU!
Yes to cooperation - No to the EU state!

Brian Denny - Trade Unions and the EU

Extract from the TEAM EU COUNTER SUMMIT LONDON held November 7th 2015.

Kelvin Hopkins - Whats Wrong With the EU

EU Counter Summit, London Nov 2015 - Kelvin Hopkins Labour MP criticises the E.U from the LESC - Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign.

Introduced by John Boyd, TEAM Chair (The European Alliance of E.U. Critical Movements)

Philip Foster - Free Market, what free market?

Phiilp Foster from CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) speaks at the EU Counter summit in London on Nov 7th on: the EU and Free Market What Free Market?

Introduced by Patricia McKenna Co Chair from TEAM(The European Alliance of EU critical movements)

Tim Pendry (Democracy Movement) - Talking about Leave.EU

Tim Pendry (UK) from the Democracy Movement on Leave.EU and why Britain should leave the EU as the EU is undemocratic

Tony Wardle - TTIP & The EU

Tony Wardle (UK) speaks at EU Counter Summit, London Nov 7th on:

The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the European Union (EU). TTIP is an unfair agreement that gives corporations too much power and is an example of how the EU represents the interests of big businesses over the interests of democracy.

The Democrat

Paper of the Campaign against Euro-federalism. For National Independence, Democracy and Jobs

  • CAEF joins Leave.EU
  • No TTIP campaign grows
  • Making a profit out of refugees
  • 20 reasons to leave the EU

And much, much more!

The Democrat

Paper of the Campaign against Euro-federalism. For National Independence, Democracy and Jobs

  • Trade unionists Against the EU will take message to TUC
  • The Gauntlets are down on EU membership, TTIP and refugees
  • Germany-France and the euro crisis
  • Myths of EU trade

And much, much more!

No Merkel we do not want an EU army!

The German chancellor Merkel wants the UK to stand aside so the EU can create an EU army. In return she will accept a more flexible EU relationship with the UK.

However more militarization in the EU is the wrong way to go.
We need a totally different development in the world. With more effort to promote peace negotiations and a stronger role for the United Nations.

No to an EU army and building up a new super power!
Yes to a more peaceful world and a stronger role for the UN!

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The Democrat a newspaper from Campaign against European Federalism.

Take the power back - UK EU membership Referendum election draws ever closer... Grab a pitch fork people, make a change!

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United Kingdom

The UK applied to join the Common Market a couple of times first in 1963 and then again in 1967 but vetoed by France. New negotiations to join the EEC were commenced in 1970 and Britain joined the EEC on 1 January 1973. In doing so Britain had to adopt the CAP and in doing so had to abandon long standing trading with the Commonwealth. The CFP was also part of the conditions of entry.

Britain joined at the same time as Denmark and Ireland in the first enlargement of the EEC. There had been and still remained large opposition to the UK joining the EEC. A referendum on EEC membership was held in 1975 which came out in favour of retaining membership.
The Single European Act of 1986 was ratified by Britain with little opposition. In 1988 Jacques Delors, as president of the European Commission, won over the support of the British TUC for European Union in exchange for what is known as Social Europe.
The Maastricht Treaty of 1992 which included the single currency met with considerable opposition. Britain opted out of the single currency but in practice carried out the strict criteria.

The European Convention which drafted the European Constitution generated widespread opposition in the UK and was placed last in line for a series of referendums in EU Member States. The Constitution was rejected by the electorates of France and the Netherlands. At that point it was clear other Member States would reject the imposition of this Constitution. A ‘cut and paste’ exercise was then performed on the Constitution and turned into the Lisbon Treaty. This Treaty was ratified by Britain.

The opposition to EU membership remains widespread and part of political debate where some support has been gained for another referendum on membership in the future.