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Kevin McCorry & Patricia McKenna - Ireland & The EU

Patricia McKenna, Co chair TEAM (the european alliance of eu critical movements) speaks at the EU Counter summit in London, Nov 7th.
Introduces Kevin McCorry from the Peoples Movement, Ireland speaking about Ireland, the Eurozone and the EU

DanesThe Irish peoples movement presents:
War... Oil vs People?

TTIP don't believe the hype!
Germany wants out of EU's GMO rules. and much more.

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greece exit
People's movement Ireland reports!

Read about The immenent end of the Euro? Please Follow the signs to the Grexit! Macedonia sized spanners in the EU works! And much more....

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Republic of Ireland

Ireland is a member of the EU and of the Euro zone. In 1972 Irish people voted in favour of amending the Irish Constitution to allow Ireland join the then Common Market. Ireland joined the on 1st January 1973. A successful Supreme Court challenge in 1986, by the late Raymond Crotty, ensured that the Single European Act (SEA) the first treaty change since the Treaty of Rome and all successive EEC treaties be put to the people in a referendum before being ratified by the Oireachtas (The Irish Parliament). The SEA, Maastricht Treaty and Amsterdam treaties were all passed by referendum in Ireland before ratification. The Nice Treaty was rejected in a referendum in 2001 but was put to the people again without any real change in 2002 and was accepted. The Treaty of Lisbon (the former EU Constitution which was rejected by France and the Netherlands) was rejected in a referendum in 2008 and was put to the people again in a referendum in 2009 and was accepted. The European Fiscal Compact Treaty was put to referendum and accepted in 2012. The ESM Treaty was not put to referendum (a legal challenge on this did not succeed) it was ratified by the Oireachtas.